Art for the senses of human beings, which includes intellectual thoughts or understanding of metaphysical ideas, will be ending.
Meanwhile, art for senses of existences except for human beings will appear.

I hereby lay claim that any works of art that will appear solely for senses of animate beings such as animals, plants, fungi, and other organisms and/or for respondency of inanimate objects such as mineral substances, which any human beings cannot perceive, are all my inventions.

It is the TRUE "anti-art." I am the originator of it.

I will spend the remaining years of my life to try giving the proof of its realizability through interdisciplinary or integrated research by examining art history, art theory, aesthetics, philosophy, sociology, biology, physics, and more, as many as possible.

Yoshihiro Kikuchi
March 25th, 2022 (the core idea originally from 2016)

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