MUSIC - Flyers

Music flyers I made for shows I have organized since 2008 (Tokyo 2008-2010; Sendai 2013 to present), basically by myself and sometimes with helps from friends:
eg. Minoru Sato (m/s), Takahiro Sato, Yusuke Fukuhara and Yoshitomo Nagasaki from Hidoi Event which I also was, Aoyama Yasutomo (Store15nov), and Kinya Sekimoto (Gallery Turnaround)

Featured guests (selected and alphabetized):
Lucas Abela, Astro, Rashad Becker, Celer, Jean-Louis Costes, Anla Courtis, Embarker, Christoph Heemann, Horacio Pollard, Campbell Kneale, NHK, Talibam!, Mika Vainio

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