Multinegation (irreflexive) 1 - 6

media/size: unique inkjet print on paper/ #2 & #6: 78 x 78 cm (printed range) each; #1, #1.1, #3, & #5: 90 x 90 cm (printed range) each
The following two are #2 and #6.

Multinegation (irreflexive) series mainly consists of the following 2 step processes:
A. Negation of my own aesthetics: generating strict compositions consisting of random numbers only, by reference to some brief scores which I have defined, to decide the figures and the colors and also to keep them just geometric; this means there are no elements which come from my personal aesthetics.
B. Negation of the composed figures: the precise outlines and colors from the compositions are spoiled by printing which features unique bleeding and blur.
Those double negations don't have the recursive function itself. Normally, ‘!(!A)=A’ means recursiveness of the proposition A, but the above steps don't have their recursiveness, which means the negations ' irreflexive (= non-recursive) function.
Since 2016, the idea of this series has been inherited by another series of work Self-denial Practice (ideal).

photos by Aisho Miura Arts

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