“Paradoxical Foregrounding Of Work And Artifice That Are Existing Behind” (a)
“500 Sheets Into a Mass” (b)
“497 Times Same Acts Containing Tiny Differences”

media/size: (a) ruptured rope/ -; (b) paper, glue/ 21.0 x 29.7 x - cm; (c) paper, glue/ 21.0 x 29.7 x - cm

Regarding the rope work: it was the result of process of making painting by simply the artist's physical power, not by any creative skills. I tried making a painting by hauling ultra-heavy material which must destroy the artist's body if it drops on him. The material was thick iron board with multi-layered flat paint surface. I haul it with rope in a large park, and then the rope broke away shortly. That means heavy industrial power defeats artist's creative idea (as above, this doesn't mean skills) and then accidentally an beautiful nature of x-section of the rope which is another industrial stuff appeared.

photos by Aisho Miura Arts

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