Painted Negativity 1 - 3

media/size: inkjet print on canvas, unique inkjet print on paper/ 116.7 x 116.7 cm (left); 130 x 130 cm (right)

Painted Negativity is flat-screen work which was invented to make paintings without using hands.
One of the characteristics of Painted Negativity is the structure with the paring of images, which is used as a metaphor of the fundamental structure of language; if there are more than 2 units like meaning=value, they are always defined by the each others' negative interactions between the units (when there are arbitrary propositions A and B, A+B⇔A=!B∧B=!A [‘!’ means negation]).
As above, the other characteristic of Painted Negativity is the generated typical phenomena of painting like bleeding and blurring without hands, which came from the following thought of mine: now the images used in Painted Negativity exists as a metaphor of language, the process must be separated from the artist's personal attribute.

photo by Aisho Miura Arts

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