Self-denial Practice (ideal) 2 - 5

media/size: HD video/ 7-hour loop (2) / HD video/ 3.5-hour loop (3) / HD video/ 4-hour loop (4)/ 5-hour loop (5)

Self-denial Practice (ideal) is my first video work which was made as the negation of Self-denial Practice (physical).

Self-denial Practice (physical) consists of collages of trashy stuffs and paintings which don't have any meaning.
Since 2014, I have made more than 100 fragments of collage, as an alternative approach that makes rigorously distinction from my conceptual works with intent to exclude logicality, means negation of my intelligence.
That is, the operation is letting myself know the paradox that I have defined the purpose of my conceptual works as ‘disorganization of value of language’ by using language with some senses outside of language (means anti-logical aesthetic decision).
And it has been intended to let the both sides (‘definitions by language’ and ‘senses outside of language’) compete dialectically each other inside of myself. This can be paraphrased, in the actual activity, as follow: negation of intelligence = logicality, brings forth personal illogical aesthetics. Because the action to collage actual=physical trashes, links my innate personal existence.

As mentioned in the opening sentence, Self-denial Practice (ideal) is approach to negate the ‘pure sense = illogical aesthetic’ that are affirmed once as above, on Self-denial Practice (physical).
The simple figures consist of elements determined by random numbers that were generated by computer with programming made by myself. (There are some works without any figure in which the frame has, but its color changing, do not even use random numbers.)
Concretely, length of 4 sides of the quadrangles and the colors of them, or color of rectangle and its background color were determined by random numbers, as an artifice to exclude my personal aesthetics as possible as I can, I set the total of ratio of the length of 4 sides of the quadrangles is 100, and the total of the value of CMYK is 300% with no exception. That is also, the practice to question that if we feel the variations of figures that have no specific characteristics and have only slight range of changes are beautiful, where we can find the evidence on. That is worth to pursue.
On this work, there are not any elements to link to physical existence. That's why that I use the word ‘ideal’ on the title. And that is the reason why I chose the video media for this realization.

However, on this work, I use [3) applying ‘indeterminacy/contingency’] from the definitions that were negated on Self-denial Practice (physical).

The following movies are short excerpts of the work which has total 2, 3.5, and 4 hours duration.

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