Room Aroused

media/size: braun tube TV, video effect machine, VHS player, VHS tapes, plastic case with printed sleeve, armchair, 2 tables, carpet, audio amplifier, audio speakers/ variable

Installation work featuring retro situation of watching video with VCR player.
The VHS tape played in the installation is the work Sex Document 1989 which consists of abstract image and sound, which were made from a Japanese vintage porno video through the processes of conversion of audio signals to video signals and video signal to audio signal with my own computer programming. Between VHS player and braun tube TV, a video effect device ‘mosaic canceler (see original and sculptured version )’, a fraud video effect machine that was sold with promotional statement that it could cancel censored part is connected.
Sample movie of how the system works in the installation below.


This is how the system works in the installation (audio is muted in this sample; the original movie data before to be recorded on VHS tape and be played with VHS player with the video effect is here):

shooting by Takahiro Sato

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