Sex Document 1989

media/size: VHS tape(s) [two kinds of length x two kinds of sound], plastic case with printed sleeve of the original tape/ 212 x 120 x 32 mm (case),182 x 108 x 24 mm (tape)

VHS tape which is played in the installation work Room Aroused, which contains Japanese porn video whose video signal and audio signal were inverted each other.
The tape is loop-played with VHS player connecting to a device so called ‘mosaic canceler (see original and sculptured version)’; a fraud video effect machine that was sold with promotional statement that it could cancel censored part.
There are 4 versions having different sounds (which were generated by slightly different variables for just 1 parameter on my computer programming designed for the conversion), and different lengths (2 sounds x 2 lengths [60 minutes, and 480 = 8 x 60 minutes]).
An excerpt from the movie data recorded on these VHS tapes is here.


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