Optic Scissure 1 - 2

media/size: unique inkjet print on paper, wood frame/ 52 x 52 cm each (incl. frame)

The alternative version of Ethical Split series. Optic Scissure only focuses to bring discordance to viewers' ‘aesthetic basis = ethical consistency’, as I have experienced on Painted Negativity series since 2012, with smaller physical effect than Ethical Split. The discordance done by painted unchangeable surface having complexity, impinges correlation of physiological phenomenon ‘what viewers' retinas catch’ and their aesthetics ‘what viewers feel beautiful or ugly’.
I must emphasize the following point again; these images are originally photos of dead bodies of human which expose their own flesh, and hardcore pornography which expose their genitals, even though these printed images look beautiful in color or look cool in composition.

photos by Aisho Miura Arts

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