Terrible Events

media/size: aluminum board, urethane, synthetic resin, silkscreen print, wood frame/ 60 x 60 x 6 cm

An exceptive work from my conceptual definitions as well as Untranslatable; -.

Terrible Events features caricatured and algorithmically shuffled Google logo made of deformed vagina, penis, sperm, intestine and fart, with beautiful traditional craft technique from my living area Sendai.
Why I took Google logo; it is the symbol of absence of physical culture, and slumism of reality, especially in local region.
This was intended to behave as an ironic bomb onto the exhibition VOCA 2016 which has been based on Japan's conservative art aesthetics, to indicates the similar structure to the above.
In this instance, absence of physical culture that I wrote on the above is the metaphor of absence of actual aesthetics in the exhibition. That is, there are only local reality that has no international view. That means that we and they are all rural residents.

The title also directly indicates the following double meanings other than the above mentioned description:
1. In my living area Sendai, I have organized shows* under the same title since 2012 with edgy artist friends, that have intended to upset value of usual music and/or art events; we have tried doing things as terrible as possible to widen people's poor or too rigid aesthetics.
In fact, on this work, the logo of the show has been involved and mixed with the google logo that I mentioned first.
2. The above-mentioned VOCA is terrible art exhibition.

This work were exhibited with the other work Untranslatable; - which was also an ironic bomb onto the exhibition, as a pair which has a contrast that is spiritually and culturally high/low.

*exactly, the title of the shows is “HIDOI EVENT” (‘hidoi’ means ‘terrible’).
We had over 10 shows in Sendai, some were with the following international artists:

Jean-Louis Costes (France)
Dick Verdult as Dick El Demasiado (Netherlands)
Ryoko Akama (UK)
Lucas Abela (Australia)

The presented text for VOCA 2016 is here.

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